To blog or not to blog?

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Actually, that’s not a question I’m asking.

I just haven’t been because there’s been so much on my plate. End of school stuff. Work I actually get paid for. Children who need my care. Swim team and baseball. A Vacation Bible School program to run. And, some people I love have been suffering. Frankly, my little stories just seemed somewhat inconsequential to the big stuff of life. But I was gently reminded the other day that they also give a little hope. An occasional smile. So I need to keep it up. And I will. Thanks for your patience. XO

7 off-the-wall Quick Takes

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Seven random things questionably worth sharing.

1. What a piece of junk this thing turned out to be.

Off the wall. Literally.

Sure, my children have proven many times that this Home Depot special could hold more than a dozen bath towels and a couple robes at once. (Never mind that you could barely fit down the hallway.) That darn thing couldn’t handle simple a one-handed, pommel-horse-style mount from a nine-year-old boy? Gee. Henry only weighs 55 pounds, and he wasn’t even running at FULL speed. Hmph.

1. “I see T-Rex. I see bird. I see dinosaur.” Said the boy who doesn’t speak! Yessss. Of course, at this age, Lillian could identify a hexagon over an octagon by name (although the shapes were the same color) and knew a parallelogwam from a twapaziod. BUT she sure couldn’t scale the cabinets to get on the counter in less than 30 seconds or bean you in the head with a matchox car from across the room. We all have our strengths.

3. Some sacrifices are chosen for us. Some we have to make. And most all of them bite.

4. Whatever was stuck on Lillian’s bedroom doorknob yesterday is growing. I think I’ll need a chisel.

5. If you haven’t read Simcha Fisher’s blog. Do. She’s hilarious. And good.

6. Next week can’t come soon enough. I am looking forward to a fresh start.

7. There is no other acceptable version of this song.

A swift kick

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I admit it. There’s something about Taylor Swift I like. Yes, I’ve seen her perform live on TV and well, no comment. But, you can’t deny that she’s cute. All 90 pounds of her with that thar sparkly guitar. As a woman who was once a 90-pounder (without a sparkly guitar), I appreciate those stick-figure legs in some sort of a kindred-spirit kind of way.

Her songs are 90-pound sparkly, too. You know. Light weight and a little fun. Not really flashy, though.

Swift kick

But here’s what I admire most. Her willingness to tell someone what she thinks of them in a song.

I would never do that.

Well, I’m not a songwriter, but that’s not the point.

I’m pretty sure I would be ashamed to memorialize my rancid feelings for an individual by committing them to song bytes or bits, or whatever MP3, 4 or 25 format du jour. For one thing, because it’s always my hope that

(A) the feelings will pass and I’ll forgive my foes their short-comings and will have gone to reconciliation seeking forgiveness for my own. (Then wouldn’t THAT be awkward when my mega-hit record came out?)

(B) that no one would ever see me as the bitter person I secretly am. (I’m not really bitter at all. I just occasionally have bitter feelings that bum me out.)

So, like Miss Taylor, every now and then, I yearn to dish out just one swift kick.  And today is just one of those days.

10 surprising things


I’m following today’s trend at Faith and Family Live. What the heck.

So here are 10 surprising things about me.

1. I’m lousy at making pie crust. I have tried to master this skill to no avail. I can make a tasty crust. Just not a pretty one. I’ve replaced the tools of the trade repeatedly (blaming them) only to be defeated. I don’t think I have the patience.

2.  I sneak candy in my house and stash it so the kids won’t consume it. I think I’m totally sugar dependent. (Which with my schedule, really isn’t surprising.)

3. I keep my Mrs. Beasley doll in a zippered vinyl bag in my bedroom closet. When I see her, I remember all the comfort she brought me as a child. And every now and then (once a year or so), I take her out and smell her. And she smells exactly the same. Wonderful. I even cried when last year my dear spouse put her in a bin to go in the attic. I was totally dismayed that after 20 years he didn’t understand what she meant to me.

4. I love blue cheese stuffed olives as much as I like candy.

5. I am a library and movie rental loser. (Almost) always late. I’d like to change, but at this point, it’s unlikely. I’ve pretty much stopped renting movies altogether. Even though you’re never late with Blockbuster Online, blah, blah, I think keeping a movie (that you never actually watched) for two months or longer is a little dysfunctional.

6. I’m obsessed with clean ears.

7. I refer to Frank Sinatra as Uncle Frank.

8. Against the direction of my dear spouse, other than clearing off large pieces of remnant food, I hardly rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.  I let the machine do it. (And for some reason, I secretly celebrate my triumph.)

9. My eyes were blue until I was about 14. Although I appreciate the uniqueness of light green eyes, having blue eyes was a special thing that of my siblings only I shared with my beautiful mother. (Since I look like my father.) I still miss that.

10.  One of my favorite TV shows is Dog the Bounty Hunter

It’s drafty in here

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I have so many blog posts saved as drafts,  it’s getting on my nerves.

I can never find the time or energy to finish. But yet have so much to say. Just not sure who to say it to and how to say it.

I edit myself too much. I don’t want to be too candid, because that might not be inspiring. And I want to be inspiring.

Or mute. Apparently.

Things are changing around here, and I think that’s all more overwhelming than I’d like to admit. We’ve kept ourselves busy this summer. Planning vacation bible school, a trip to New York, a benefit concert, a vacation. All ticking down to two weeks from now when our oldest flies the coop and leaves for college. When I mentioned it to my dear spouse yesterday, he said, “If we don’t talk about it, I can ride this denial a little longer.”

And she’s not the only one leaving the nest.

After five years of homeschooling, we’re sending two of the kids to the school. And am totally conflicted about it.

This year’s homeschooling experience wasn’t the greatest. Yes we got through the basics and a little more, but in general, it was kind of a bust. Our enrichment was limited because of business activities and other obligations, the needs of the smaller children and all the preparing for college auditions, applications and scholarship seeking.  I only have so much energy and so much time, I was feeling completely tapped out in every aspect of my existence, and we decided that for my sanity something had to give.

I have enjoyed homeschooling. There’s no doubt about that. I have loved the time with the kids, and I have cherished every moment these past years recognizing it is time I will never get back.  I love that our faith has been at the center of our curriculum. I love that I have done my best to protect the innocence of our children during these fleeting childhood years. I just don’t love knowing that this year I’ve failed to offer them all that they need.

We’ve chosen schools we think are best for each. Different children, different schools, different reasons. I’m happy with our choices, on paper. Concerned about the real-life experience. Nervous about the whole endeavor. I’ve prayed about it. I continue to pray about it. I am trying to give it to God, but am not doing that too successfully. It’s all so unknown. Unfamiliar.

The good news is, all the school-bound kids are excited. I’m sure once all this takes place, I’ll be good to go, and it’ll all be for the better.


Big deal

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Okay. So here’s the deal. I have so much to say. And so little time to say it. It seems like events of late warrant more than an oh-here-is-my-life lesson illustrated in a vignette played out by one of my children. There’s just too much. Good, challenging and otherwise. I keep starting posts that get too deep and require more thought and energy than I can spare. I don’t want to just relinquish them to charming little shorts. So hang in there with me. There’s more to come. I’m just busy planning a high seas adventure for 130 of my favorite Catholics.


Can you spell S-L-A-C-K-E-R?

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I’ve been a complete blog slacker these past few weeks. I’ve started about a dozen posts, all requiring more thought than my time allows.  With Thanksgiving and a bunch of other important things — like our dear priest in critical condition with H1N1, I’ve just had other things on my heart and mind. Please continue to pray for Fr. Gerry. He needs our continued prayers.