Time flies when you’re …

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really busy. It’s hard to believe this much time has gone by since I’ve posted on this site. For those who know me, I have an awesome regular gig writing for a museum I love, so it’s been really busy fitting that into the already insane schedule that we call ours.

But here’s a little run down of some lessons I’ve learned of late:

  1. It’s easier to send your child to college the second year. But her being away has a different feeling of permanence. That, I’m pretty sure, I don’t like. Even though my goal is for each child to be independent, there’s a certain emptiness that goes along with that. But it’s oddly okay.
  2. Sometimes, some major parenting decisions have to be made on the fly. And sometimes, those are the best decisions.
  3. Swimmers swim a lot. There’s no double meaning to that. MC is swimming an average of 4.5 hours a day. What the heck?
  4. Doctors may tell you one thing (like your kid shouldn’t play soccer with a broken finger). And you are free to ignore them completely because you have to live with your kid, and they don’t.
  5. Cancer is a four (okay, six) letter word.
  6. Some young women are brave beyond our wildest imagination.
  7. My baby sister makes a fantastic mother.
  8. Prayer is the real elixir of love.
  9. Befriend a saint. (Living or dead.)
  10. Befriend a sinner. (That includes yourself.)
  11. People are humans. And humans are … human.
  12. Keep singing. Always.

Blessings to all.