10 surprising things


I’m following today’s trend at Faith and Family Live. What the heck.

So here are 10 surprising things about me.

1. I’m lousy at making pie crust. I have tried to master this skill to no avail. I can make a tasty crust. Just not a pretty one. I’ve replaced the tools of the trade repeatedly (blaming them) only to be defeated. I don’t think I have the patience.

2.  I sneak candy in my house and stash it so the kids won’t consume it. I think I’m totally sugar dependent. (Which with my schedule, really isn’t surprising.)

3. I keep my Mrs. Beasley doll in a zippered vinyl bag in my bedroom closet. When I see her, I remember all the comfort she brought me as a child. And every now and then (once a year or so), I take her out and smell her. And she smells exactly the same. Wonderful. I even cried when last year my dear spouse put her in a bin to go in the attic. I was totally dismayed that after 20 years he didn’t understand what she meant to me.

4. I love blue cheese stuffed olives as much as I like candy.

5. I am a library and movie rental loser. (Almost) always late. I’d like to change, but at this point, it’s unlikely. I’ve pretty much stopped renting movies altogether. Even though you’re never late with Blockbuster Online, blah, blah, I think keeping a movie (that you never actually watched) for two months or longer is a little dysfunctional.

6. I’m obsessed with clean ears.

7. I refer to Frank Sinatra as Uncle Frank.

8. Against the direction of my dear spouse, other than clearing off large pieces of remnant food, I hardly rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.  I let the machine do it. (And for some reason, I secretly celebrate my triumph.)

9. My eyes were blue until I was about 14. Although I appreciate the uniqueness of light green eyes, having blue eyes was a special thing that of my siblings only I shared with my beautiful mother. (Since I look like my father.) I still miss that.

10.  One of my favorite TV shows is Dog the Bounty Hunter

3 thoughts on “10 surprising things

  1. I love blue-cheese stuffed olives also! Still have MY VERY OWN MRS. Beasely (but she IS in the attic). And, I too am a library book loser!

    I KNEW we were kindred.


  2. I have the opposite pie crust problem…..perfectly beautiful, but not all that tasty. (I remember the first time I got it, absolutely perfect…..I ran outside, pie in hand, to show my husband. I don’t think was nearly as impressed as I was with my accomplishment.)

    We should get together and bake pies. You can teach me how to make it light and flaky, I can teach you how to make it look as good as it tastes. (There is a trick to it, and the only tools you need are already attached to your hands.)

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