7 off-the-wall Quick Takes

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Seven random things questionably worth sharing.

1. What a piece of junk this thing turned out to be.

Off the wall. Literally.

Sure, my children have proven many times that this Home Depot special could hold more than a dozen bath towels and a couple robes at once. (Never mind that you could barely fit down the hallway.) That darn thing couldn’t handle simple a one-handed, pommel-horse-style mount from a nine-year-old boy? Gee. Henry only weighs 55 pounds, and he wasn’t even running at FULL speed. Hmph.

1. “I see T-Rex. I see bird. I see dinosaur.” Said the boy who doesn’t speak! Yessss. Of course, at this age, Lillian could identify a hexagon over an octagon by name (although the shapes were the same color) and knew a parallelogwam from a twapaziod. BUT she sure couldn’t scale the cabinets to get on the counter in less than 30 seconds or bean you in the head with a matchox car from across the room. We all have our strengths.

3. Some sacrifices are chosen for us. Some we have to make. And most all of them bite.

4. Whatever was stuck on Lillian’s bedroom doorknob yesterday is growing. I think I’ll need a chisel.

5. If you haven’t read Simcha Fisher’s blog. Do. She’s hilarious. And good.

6. Next week can’t come soon enough. I am looking forward to a fresh start.

7. There is no other acceptable version of this song.

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