Scream on


For Clifford’s second birthday, we are trying to give him the gift of sleep. Well, I’m pretty sure I should start singing “Dream On.”

Scream on

And since it is not working. Take a look at dear S.T. over there on the right. That’s pretty much what Richard and I look like.

We are sleepless. On the edge. Screaming. (Inside, of course.)

But why?

Because last night we were awakened by a loud crash, only to find Cliffy standing on his dresser.  Here we thought we baby-proofed by removing everything what wasn’t nailed down. Apparently putting things out of his reach only entices him to climb to reach. He pulled out the drawers of his dresser and climbed right up like a staircase.

He gets an A for effort. An A for ingenuity. And we get a big fat F for failing to think that he would even do something like that.

Today, on this his final day as a one-year-old, the crib comes down and the mattress will rest safely on the floor until I find a craig’s-list special toddler bed. Every little thing will be removed from the room (and atop the dresser) and we’ll have to see what happens next in the Adventures of Cliff.

Until sleep is granted to all, I will just continue to dream on (as I’m  sure my dear exhausted spouse will as well) that during my busy day, I could catch just a little bit of this:

Dream on

2 thoughts on “Scream on

  1. I had a son like that. Woke up to a crash at five in the morning after the dresser he tried to climb fell on him. How he got out unscathed I have no idea. He did eventually learn to sleep and so did we. He’s married now and quite calm. I distinctly remember someone watching him run around our place for the first time and remark, “he’s a little hellion, isn’t he?”

    Hang in there. Hope you get some sleep soon. And his watching the sun and moon was really priceless.

  2. Thanks for the pep talk. We took the crib down and he’s done a little better. The nice weather has helped. We pretty much run him around the block until he’s ready to drop. A few days ago, he RAN three complete times around the block. And it’s not a small block! My husband was a tired as baby. 🙂

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