My husband wants this caviar

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Or caveat. Whatever.

After reading my bag lady post, he told me I sound like I’m down-and-out or something.

I tried to explain to him that the underlying meaning of post was priorities.

And right now, mine are not pulling an ensamble together to look good every day. Which actually is rather ironic, because when I graduated from high school, my mock election awards were “Miss Seventeen Magazine” and “Most likely to marry a politician.” Miss Seventeen not because I was a fashion victim per se, but I sure did like the trappings of fashion that fit in with my style. The other award I sort of took offense to. I remember pondering why wouldn’t it be “most likely to BE a politician”? I thought it was sexist. Maybe I still do. Funny from an all-girls school. Funnier still because when my daughter graduated from an all-girls school and not one student or teacher at the graduation spoke about the possibility of motherhood as a goal, I completely took offense to that. I’m just a mental (oxi)moron. But I digress.

Okay, so sure, I can pull it together. And I often do. I have to stand and sing in front of church full of folks on Sunday, and on those days, it is my priority to fix myself up. If I’m going out on the rare date night with my always pressed spouse, I pull it together for that, too. I like to look nice. I like clothes. And I love shoes. I really do. (I hear all the women reading this singing … “Hello! Who doesn’t?”)

BUT …. it’s just that I’d rather take what little time I do have and sit down and write about what a bag lady I am, instead of put on mascara or something. And if I put on the mascara instead, perhaps I’d have nothing to write about. AND I’d just wash the mascara down the drain at the end of the day anyway and not have a lot to show for it. But at least if I’m a bag lady, I get a story. And for me, that’s icing on the fish eggs.

So here's a picture of me. With my husband back in the 80s. When we won the Publishers Clearing house Sweepstakes.

One thought on “My husband wants this caviar

  1. I can’t discern which scares me more. The hair or the bright red talons. lol

    Also, I am not surprised my dear alma mater spoke nothing of motherhood as a vocation. It comes with the territory. Girls now are taught to “break the glass ceiling” as opposed to admiring the beauty of vocation, no matter where it is. When I hear someone caterwauling about the Church’s “glass ceiling” I just think it would be such a sin to shatter a wonderful stained glass window of the Mother of God (talk about exalting motherhood, eh?)

    God made you the way you are for a reason. Just like he made me the borderline insane Catholicky person that I am. You are serving a purpose and a mission that only you can do, no matter if you are a bag lady or if your makeup is always in place. That’s all transitory. The meat of the matter is if you are focused on your goal, eternity with the Lord in heaven by means of living your life the best you can. Not perfectly, but doing the best you can. That’s the hard part.

    This little nun-in-training will pray for you.

    You so a wonderful job at Mass. I miss it all so much. Looking forward to see you all in about three weeks or so. 🙂

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