Re-tell me a story


My husband told me to re-post this story, because he recently reread it.

So I am.

I am nothing if not a submissive and obedient wife. (Insert winky emoticon here.) I’m just pleased to know he occasionally reads my blog.

So back, by the popular demand of one …

2 thoughts on “Re-tell me a story

  1. So glad you ‘re’posted as I missed this the first time through. I don’t know how you do it. I’ve always thought/wondered that about you, even before I read this account into daily life and love with Auntie. It takes me back to my days assisting in an assisted living facility. But then, they paid me to do that…

  2. I re-read this story (because I forgot if I read it the first time). As my mom’s Alzehimer’s is getting worse, it’s hitting a little closer to home. But I just had to send it to my siblings this time. I’m not sure if my favorite part was the 94 yr old non-uterus bearing woman needing Modess or you and Richard hiding from Auntie. I think Brian and I would be crouched down too! Or we might be able to sneak into the basement with our house set-up.

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