Small successes

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Here are my Thursday Small Successes, linked to Chocolate for Your Brain. Drum roll, please?

  • I managed to make it through my five-year-old daughter’s birthday today only crying twice. First at church with her in the morning. And second, watching her get her portraits taken. Not too bad. Once I cried at mass, I thought I was going to be done for. She’s gotten so big. So fast. But I kept it together.
  • I actually planned ahead to wash and vacuum the van at the coin op car wash right after the kids had swim team practice. They were already dressed to help with the job. And enjoyed it. Thoroughly.
  • I got a regular, steady-ish, part-time writing gig. (Steady for freelance writing.)  And it involves the kids. Nice. Excited. A prayer or two or 20 is always welcomed.

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