You’re still a good mommy

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That’s what Lillian said to me today, just in case I was feeling insecure. I had forgotten to brown the pork roast before putting it in the crock pot. As she watched me disassemble the agglomeration she had seen me so carefully arrange just moments before, she inquired, and I confessed.

“That’s okay, you’re still a good mommy.” Well, that’s a relief. I was starting to doubt my mother skills completely (never mind my crock-potting prowess). I was feeling especially inadequate after Henry’s comment on Monday while waiting for his toaster waffles to pop. “Are you going to help me spread this butter or are you going to be one of those selfish mothers who doesn’t assist little children?” Then after a thoughtful pause added, “Mother’s day is over. Get to work.”

(He was kidding and performed this whole 30-second monologue talking to the toaster in most annoying whine he could muster at 8 a.m. on a very unwelcome school day.)

One thought on “You’re still a good mommy

  1. Who needs butter on the frozen waffles? Buy them the chocolate chip kind and let them eat them right out of the toaster. Yes, I know chocolate chip first thing in the morning? (too much for me!) But you choose your battles, and for me, morning time is battle ground enough. So chocolate chip, strawberry and cinnamon toast waffles are it. I’ve compromised on healthy bodies for less-stress mornings. Besides, the sugar in those extra flavors has to be at least equal (or better) than the tons of syrup poured on the plain ones. Right? And non-dressed up frozen waffles can be eaten in the car if needed. Can you do that with a plate of freshly made scrambled eggs? This is my response to the guilt (yes, I’m a cradle Catholic) over my head because I was raised with homemade hot breakfasts M-F: pancakes, eggs, French Toast, oatmeal or cream of wheat, different type of eggs. I can’t live up to my mother’s level set for me. Oh well. It’s a new day. So frozen waffles for my kids… and they gotta make them themselves because I’m not an early morning person.

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