Time management


The other day, dear spouse came home and asked this loaded question: What did you do today?

Okay, that sounds innocent enough. Right? Like inquiring what interesting things we did during the day.

I think the question was a little more motivated by the unloaded grocery bags sitting on the kitchen floor. Defenses: ON.

I needn’t be defensive chimes in dear spouse. He just wanted to know … so, I told him.

Fed children. Made lunches. Said goodbye to children who dress themselves. Dressed baby and toddler. Dressed self. Had to redress baby after he threw up on himself from bouncing on the bed while I dressed. Stripped bed. Rushed to school to watch biggest boy at assembly. Took toddler to school. Came home, unloaded dishwasher. Put baby to sleep. Wrote a thank you note. Played with baby for 45 minutes. Packed baby back in car and drove to fruit market. Shopped. Was delayed by baby’s insistence of me counting as he put things in bags (16 mushrooms!) and long-finger-nailed-but-very-sweet new cashier. Met dear spouse with toddler at home for lunch. Made lunch. Unloaded refrigeratables. Read to toddler and baby. Tried to deal with crying, questionably¬† miserable toddler. Put children down for nap. Folded laundry. Moved laundry. Loaded dishes. Parents stopped by. Visited with them for 20 minutes. Had to wake baby and toddler to load in car to pick up children who dress themselves. Drove to school one. Waited. Picked up one child. Drove to school two. Waited five minutes. Walked in. Picked up child two. Waited with arguing children in parking lot until it was my turn to exit (15 minutes). Came home. Left children in car while child one dressed for soccer. Took said child to soccer. Took other three children — one that dresses himself, one toddler and one baby to grocery store. Shopped. Came home. Left said children in car and unloaded newly acquired refrigeratables. Put other bags on floor of kitchen with the still unemptied bags from early excursion to fruit market. Got back in van and drove to soccer field. Picked up soccer-playing girl and took her to piano lessons. Drove home. And … there was dear spouse … inquiring … what did you do today?

Nothing much. And you?

(Please note: Showering and personal hygiene are not accidentally omitted  from this list.)

4 thoughts on “Time management

  1. This all sounds oddly familiar… Lesson for all husbands of Stay-at-home moms/wives, if the house is not completely destroyed and all the family members are still alive then you know we WORKED OUR BUTTS OFF all day long! It’s like treading water, you don’t go anywhere, but you still get one heck of a workout. (as I type this I am still waiting for an opportunity to get in the shower, lol, and I can only type this because I’ve got the little ones eating and am eating myself as I type). (((Huges))))

  2. I know you can relate Carla! And then some since all of yours are in the littler set. I’ve said that before: The kids are alive, the house is still standing. I’ve done my job.

  3. Noticed there was not a moment to breathe — let alone spend time with God, or exercise in your day. Remember someday you will long for these days….

  4. I have all “children who dress themselves” and I still feel like this, wondering what I’ve done all day when Brian asks why I didn’t get something done. I too am typing this as I only had a couple minutes to wait until I go volunteer at SJA – not enough time to do anything productive around here.

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