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Our little baby doesn’t say anything. Okay, he says, “Dada.” But that’s about it.

He spends a lot of time carrying on indecipherable conversations. Talking with his hands, mumbling nonsense as he looks right into you eyes with a you-know-what-I-mean kind of nod. It’s adorable. But the fact is, I have no idea what he means.

That’s pretty much how I feel lately. I have so much I want to write about. So many stories to tell, but the order of my words makes it all indecipherable.

I just lived through the most joy-filled Vacation Bible School week and have so much to tell. But my mind can’t even get around it. The joy was immense. My heart is full from watching and witnessing God’s amazing love and power. And I think the words for expressing all that have been used up. Spent. I can’t find any that can tell of  my experience without sounding like the gibberish of my little buddy.

Here is what I can say: VBS profoundly leads me to see the goodness of God in people. I see His endless generosity through the unbridled joy of the children; the growth and leadership in the teenage helpers, and the positive example and overflowing love of the  adult volunteers. I am ecstatic to witness all that energy coming together for one purpose: to share God’s love.

I’m still feeling like I’m recovering from having one long and wonderful party, at which God was a guest, and everyone (including Him, of course) had a great time.

That said, during the same time, people I know and love are suffering some serious hardships. Profound loss. Serious illness. Complete (not necessarily hoped-for) life changes.

At those brief moments when our  lives seem big, we need to remember we are so small in the eyes of God. And that He calls each of us in many different ways to help us share His love. Whether that be with joy and loud song or with quiet, peace and private prayer. And even if we don’t actually have the words.

Since our knowledge of God is limited, our LANGUAGE about him is equally so. We can name God only by taking creatures as our starting point, and in accordance with our limited human ways of knowing and thinking. (CCC 40)

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