Not enough chocolate

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There is not enough chocolate to get me through these next few days. Baccalaureate mass tomorrow. Graduation the next day. In the words of Lillian, “What the?” (That’s all she says.)

I’m trying to gear myself up. I don’t want to be a cry baby. And so my gearing up seems to be manifesting itself into being one cranky woman. No one can do right by me. ‘Cause my world is in a tailspin.

Cherish every moment -- our biggest and littlest.

I’m really trying to be okay with it. After all, when we have children it is supposed to be our hope that they grow up, enjoy learning, work hard in school, graduate from high school, go to the college of their choice blah, blah, and all the stuff that goes with it. And I have hoped that and am grateful that things have worked out so well for Helen. And us.

I just didn’t expect it all to happen so quickly.

And I know everybody says that. I’m guess I’m just one more (happy and proud) mother (in a tailspin) verifying that well-known fact. Time is a gift. Cherish each moment with your kids.

One thought on “Not enough chocolate

  1. When Chris went off to college, September was difficult for me. My comment was “my heart is 4.5 hrs away.” (Mass was and still it the hardest time for me with missing Chris.) But I knew I only needed to get to Parent’s Weekend, then Thanksgiving. The span from Thanksgiving to Christmas was short and easy. By taking it one section at a time, it was easier. IM and email made things easier. We have a camera on both our ends so we can see each other on IM. And once I let Chris know via email that my heart was hurting and that I just needed to know he was OK, he unblocked me from IM and I could communicate with him (as long as I didn’t IM too often or too long). With Helen being a girl, that part should be easier. Enjoy time with Helen this summer (the others will still be there in the Fall) so you regret any wasted time as a mom. Love that beautiful girl up and know that you raised her to be the wonderful independent young woman who will have a strong foundation when she goes out to learn more about life.

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