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It’s finally here. Spring.

Of course, today’s frigid temp was just a gentle reminder that we live in Michigan, so we shouldn’t get take any warm days for granted. But then the beautiful sun offered that ray of hope that comes with this time of year. I love how the little bits of green start to pop up under brown lawns. Buds almost magically appear on barren trees. And then, voila,  the world as we know it, has changed.

It’s so appropriate that Easter falls in spring.

Yeah, yeah, I know in other parts of the world, it’s still Easter and the weather won’t match my analogy. But I don’t live anywhere but here. In Michigan, spring is flirting with us. Offering us a reminder of the promise of something better. Just like Easter.

So consider Good Friday winter and Easter spring. Without one, there wouldn’t be the other. A fact we need to be reminded of year after year. (Or day after day!) And we shouldn’t take either for granted.

Have blessed Holy Week.

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