Oops, We did it again


The candles were such a popular craft for advent, we decided to make more for Lent. Often on Fridays we have a late meal (after Stations of the Cross) by candlelight. So, with that in mind, I thought the candles would be craft worth repeating. Also, when we come together to pray as a family, candles are always a nice touch. We decided to use Easter colors so that even during the solemn season of Lent we keep our hearts on the promise of the resurrection and all that it brings.

As previously, it was a fun activity for all. Richard even made one, and we made one for the baby. And of course, the candles are so telling of each of the children. Helen’s was a creative flower, Mary Claire’s was orderly and in all in line. Henry made his with more glue, more glitter than everyone else. And Lillian’s had a lot of pink. (She needed a little help but enjoyed painting and painting and painting the glue.) We had one minor accident when the baby reached up on the table and grabbed a paper plate full of excess glitter. I’m sure we’ll all have little extra sparkle for days to come, but with each stray sparkle, I’ll be reminded of the fun we had putting our projects together.

Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

2 thoughts on “Oops, We did it again

    • It was really quite easy. We bought the plain glass/white candles at our local KMART — then just cut or tore tissue paper and stuck them on the candles with Modge Podge. We used brushes. And one piece of tissue goes a long way. We added glitter at the end for our Lenten/Easter candles. And for the Advent candles we added green ribbons at the bottom. I’m craft challenged, too. If I can’t make it with a machine, I’m usually not interested. This was fun, easy for all ages. The older ones got more creative (much more creative that I would have even envisioned since I was thinking very simplistically about the craft). We will probably do it again this year. Since we made those two years ago. But they lasted along time. We may make nine and line them along our mantle. That way we can use them as novena candles, too.

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