Mile markers


You know those mile markers on the freeway? Well, I’m whizzing past them. And I think I’ve just figured out, there aren’t any rest stops. Life just keeps speeding by.

I spent last Friday with our of dear Helen at her first university music audition. One down, three to go. Yep, just counting them down. Soon enough, the auditions will be over. Decisions will be made, bags will be packed and she’ll be home on weekends. Sometimes.

And those markers will just keep whizzing by.

I started the day in tears when I felt the little sharp teeth that finally poked their way through the baby’s swollen gums. I announced their presence, looked at my dear spouse and just cried. And not because Cilff will bite me now with a newly fortified jaw of torture when I nourish him, but because that’s it — no more toothless gummy grin.  Whiz. Past another one.

We packed lunches, snacks, diaper bags, music, tea, toddler, teenagers, baby and boy and headed out. Richard took the younger four with him to a museum by the university after dropping Helen and me off at our destination. Helen and I attended information sessions and listened to student rehearsals. We found a vacant practice room. She warmed up her voice, we ate peanut butter sandwiches and drank ginger tea. I hid my nervousness. She sang more and got sillier. My morning waterworks  continued, but they tears were from laughing. (Love that crazy girl!)

Like my singing? Call me.

Soon enough, the day was done. She sang for her supper (beautifully I might add — I stood outside the door) and was pleased with herself, regardless of the outcome. We piled back in the car and soon enough were home.  In a few days we’re off to number two. A farther trip — a longer ride, but then (fortunately) back home. For now.

New teeth. New adventures. New worries. New joys … are all just part of the journey. I used to feel like the driver on this adventure, but now realize I’m just grateful to be along for the ride. And I have faith enough to trust that the driver knows where He’s leading us.

2 thoughts on “Mile markers

  1. Kristine I find you to be a amazing…wife…you touch my heart with your stories and your wit…you have been blessed all the way around! you have done a outstading job with your family!

    God Bless Kristine Hass

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