Is there some special sin category

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for yelling at your kids to stop asking when we are going to say our morning prayers?

“We’ll pray when I’m good and ready!”

This, after I’m trying to feed the baby and unload the dishwasher before we start school, then unexpectedly have to change the freshly dressed baby from head to toe, rinse out his clothes and warm up my coffee (again), drag the walker downstairs all to the tune of … “Can we pray now?” or “Mom? When are we going to pray?”

I sing back, “Start your math.”

The chorus responds, “We can’t until we pray.” Which means: they won’t.

Which makes me raise my voice in the most unbecoming anti-Duggar way.

Ah … I have so much to learn. Patience is apparently a virtue that only visits me occasionally. I think I’ll pray for that … when I’m good and ready.

One thought on “Is there some special sin category

  1. oh…. you crack me up. 🙂
    I think God will overlook the yelling since you’ve taught your kids that they can not possibly start their day until they’ve talked to Him.

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