Kiss me, you fool

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I’m the fool. I can’t turn down a kiss from one of my kids, and here I am, once again, sick.

This week, the baby had a blazing temp, which turned out to be Rosiola. So I dodged that bullet. But then dear Lillian came home from school with a little cough. Which of course, required even more mama lovin’. And I gave it. Because I can’t turn my cheek to those sweet scrumptious kisses. Now she has a big cough, and a fever. and I’m starting to feel a little bit of a lot of something stuffy, runny and achy. Ugh.

This morning as I directed that beautiful and large bunch of hacking children in the choir, the music was that of angels, but the lyrics in my head went something like, “you are doomed dear lady, amen.” Or something like that. I even made some feeble attempt at taking it easy today. Took some Airborne, all suspecting I was a target since I’d reached a certain level of exhaustion due to many sleepless nights with our dear sweet fevered boy. And well — bulls eye. Direct hit. It sank my battleship.

But here’s the big question: Is it worth it? Is it worth kissing and loving my sugar girl when she needs it? Is it worth holding that baby in my arms all night just to make sure he’s okay? Is it worth directing, hugging, loving and adoring all those beautiful children who share their lovely voices in praise to our dear Lord?  I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. But ask me when I feel better. 🙂

One thought on “Kiss me, you fool

  1. Yes, it’s worth it! I too do the same thing. I tell myself and the kids to kiss on the cheek if not feeling well (because I’m sure the germs don’t know how to move across the face to get to the mouth or nose – lol), but you know how it goes. I just can’t resist their little smoochies… and when they’re not feeling well, I just gotta give them the mommy lovin’ they need.

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