I wish and I want

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I would like to  …

  • Bottle the sweet smell of baby’s breath so I can wear it in my old age.
  • Turn the sound of toddler giggles into a song that keeps running through my head.
  • Fall asleep each night to the sound of my daughters making up harmonies to my favorite show tunes.
  • Frame the image of my son winking and giving me a thumbs up to reassure me all is well.

There are days I wish …

  • I were as intelligent as our oldest.
  • As determined as our next.
  • As hilarious as our third.
  • As imaginative as our fourth.
  • And as wide-eyed with wonder as our sweet baby boy.

The rest of the time, I just want …

  • A cup of coffee without warming it in the microwave three times, before tossing it out.
  • Productive sleep.
  • A cleaner  house.
  • Less gray hair.
  • Spit-up repellent clothing.
  • My children to be nicer to one another.
  • Less anxiety.
  • More time to pray.
  • More time to play.
  • Time to take off my toenail polish.
  • Someone to do the laundry (and put it away).
  • A really big piece of chocolate.
  • A new pair completely impracticle shoes.
  • An orderly laundry room.
  • My son to lift the seat.
  • My daughters to get up on time.
  • Clean clothes in drawers (not the hamper).
  • A pen that works.
  • To have invented OxiClean. (Is that asking too much?)

But I am always grateful for…

  • A loving family.
  • Being married to the my very best friend.
  • Five amazing children.
  • Healthy, fun and supportive parents.
  • An artistic big sister.
  • A protective big brother.
  • A dear and caring baby sister.
  • Wonderful in-laws.
  • Many special friends.
  • A great pastor.
  • Quiet prayer.
  • Music. Music and music.
  • Our awesome God.

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