Beg, borrow or


… get a steal and buy at a really good discount. That’s kind of the motto around here for the nonessentials (and the essentials, actually). Richard fortunately still has business in this wacky economy. But the facts are what they are and we—like many in design and construction-related fields—have had to make some major adjustments. And, as much as I dislike it, I’m grateful. I’ve learned a lot.

I’m thankful for how it has grounded us to our home. How we are thriftier with groceries and have controlled impulse buys. I even like the fact that I traded in my leased minivan for a used full-size van. And much to my surprise, I actually find that big thing much more fun to drive.

I like how my son checks the price on everything and says, “That’s not Mom’s kind of price.”

I’ve had to be more creative with our homeschooling curriculum. Instead of spending a lot on books, we bought very inexpensive used laptops on eBay for Henry and MC.  We’ve networked them and are incorporating technology in our daily work and are looking up more facts and educational materials on the internet. Today Mary Claire emailed to me her second draft of her biography of St. Agnes, I made comments in edit mode and sent it back for her revisions and corrections. (I am hoping the novelty of her sending me instant messages from the living room will wear off soon.)

Henry is using his for keeping his schedule and work record, using his online reading program and math drills. He’s also learning how to type. Of course we still had to buy math and science, but we’re visiting the library a lot more frequently, studying Shakespeare, saints of the early church and bible stories. I think it has livened things up a bit. A completely classically focused curriculum was just too much for Henry, and so far Mary Claire is enjoying the change, too. (Even though she has to write a lot.)

With homecoming time for dear Helen, she’s borrowed a dress and got an amazing deal on shoes. (Did you know that if they don’t have your size at Payless they give you an inconvenience coupon for $3 off of the same shoe in your size at another store?) She completely embraced the idea of borrowing and was happy with the shoes (which are really adorable!). A little ribbon and some other accessories and the whole ensemble has become her own. Besides, how many of us women could fill a closet with fancy dresses we’ve worn but once? (I wished I had figured that one out earlier.)

I don’t really know what lies ahead. We’re just plugging away. And if not for faith, I’m not sure how anyone gets through these kinds of times. I count my blessings and am finally remembering to include our own family’s needs in my prayers more often. That may sound odd, but I just didn’t.

I’ve always thanked God for my wonderful spouse and for the glimpse into His amazing miracle of creation by giving us each of these beautiful and remarkable children. I have just always felt others needed our prayer intentions more than we needed our own.I still do, but I know we need them, too. It is through these circumstances we find out who we are and do what we can to pick up that cross and at least get an infinitesimal understanding of what Christ did for all of us … and truly be humbled.

3 thoughts on “Beg, borrow or

  1. Hi, I am a cousin of Blayne’s which makes me a cousin of Tiffany Brocker too.

    I enjoyed your Blog this morning, and wanted to tell you about what we did with my daughters homecoming dresses. We sewed throw pillows with them! Went to Joanne’s and Michael’s and bought the inserts and went to town. Some we gave as gifts and some are on our beds and couch’s. In fact one of them is considering using her wedding gown to sew her daughter’s christening gown. I love it! My girls are now 23 and 26 with homes of their own and girls of their own……

    • That is too cute. I love the idea of making the baptismal gown from the wedding dress! Thanks for the comment and for reading. Nice to meet you. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kristine! I am “catching up” on reading your blogs. I don’t get much computer time right now — when Mike isn’t on it searching for employment or working on a freelance project, Colette or Alex are on it doing homework. As I’m sure you can imagine, this blog touched my heart. Keep on writing, gal! You and yours are in our prayers =)

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